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Woo Challenge 2018

Congrats to the unstoppable AKUITY Team!

Saturday, July 28th, a group of AKUITY’s finest athletes rose to the Woo Challenge, a series of physical obstacles in downtown Worcester, MA. The team stuck together throughout the 23 obstacle, 5K race.

Craig Anderson, Vice President of Operations at AKUITY, noted that this year’s team was twice the size it was in 2017. “We have a tremendous support team here at the office during the week, but it was awesome to get out and see them work together as a group in an entirely different type of environment,” he said. 

Team AKUITY posing after completing the course. Photo from @TheWooChallenge on Facebook.


The race was, “a lot of fun! We stuck together as a team – started and finished the race together,” according to AKUITY Support Supervisor Tim Caban. “This was my second Woo Challenge, and the Woo organizers did an amazing job. Huge thanks to all, and to the Woo Police who blocked traffic and motivated us to keep going.”

Photos from @TheWooChallenge on Facebook.


Citing a range of physical abilities, AKUITY Technician Nick Marszalkowski pointed out that “other groups would split up as they went through the course. Working as a team, you get to give back and help out those who are less experienced.” Because they stuck together, Nick said, the event was, “more fun than a bowl of monkeys.”

According to Craig, the theme for the day was that “the team sticks together. I didn’t realize how important this was until late in the course, when we heard multiple comments from the race staff, traffic cops, and others about how we were one of the only teams they had seen who were actually still together as a group.”

Team AKUITY crossing the finish line as one. Photo from @TheWooChallenge on Facebook.


As if the obstacles weren’t enough of a challenge, Craig also put together a video to share with the AKUITY staff on Monday morning.


Congratulations to Team AKUITY, and to everyone who competed in the Woo Challenge!


Woo Challenge obstacles and route map, from the Woo Challenge website.

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