Why companies across New England are selecting AKUITY Technologies to support their employees?

by Brian Hanify

If employers have learned one thing during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s just how resourceful their workforce can be. Organizations that couldn’t have imagined a fully-remote workforce have been able to flip the switch without a break in productivity. At the same time, on-site employees have worked tirelessly to keep their facilities and industries afloat.

Still, no matter how impressive this shift has been, employees still require support and thoughtful leadership, now more than ever. Before COVID-19, personnel needs were known and understood, but as circumstances have changed, so have these requirements. Here are a few ways to provide much-needed support as employees and companies go through this crisis together.

  • Ensure that their technology support needs are met immediately. Nothing is more frustrating than waiting hours or days to get your technology fixed in order to complete your assigned tasks.
  • Deploy technologies that keep your employees connected. Nobody wants to feel like they are on an island, or worse, they can’t reach the right people at the right time to make business decisions.
  • Help make their job more efficient.  Use all of the available tools to help your people process their workloads more quickly.
  • Reduce technology costs to relieve pressure from the operating performance of your business. Right size your technology footprint to just the necessary tools to get the job done.
  • Plan for the future.  Build out a technology plan that accomplishes your business objectives and protects you from “surprises”

At AKUITY Technologies, we work with business leaders to accomplish these objectives and more. If you are interested in learning more about our services to organizations like yours, driving down costs, increasing employee efficiency and strategic planning – we should talk! Contact us directly at [email protected].




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