TSB: Microsoft Patch Issue

Microsoft Zero-Day Vulnerability May 2018

Last week Microsoft released a critical security patch to address a Zero-Day Vulnerability.  Due to the critical nature of the patch, it was fast-tracked through the normal testing and white-listing process to be deployed to clients on short-notice.

On the morning of Thursday, May 15th, AKUITY Support became aware of issues resulting from the patch on some Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 systems.  The patch caused issues with some network and USB drivers resulting in many systems with no network connectivity.

Due to the loss of network connectivity, providing users with a remote fix proved challenging and a team of engineers was mobilized and deployed to client locations through the day to address impacted systems hands-on.  By mid-day the team had devised a set of procedures that the support desk could walk most users through over the phone and began assisting as many clients remotely as possible.

At this time we believe all clients impacted by the patch have been returned to working order.

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