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Sophos Cyber Threat Report: Take A Deep Dive Into The Dark Web

The Dark Web: just how dark is it?

Cyber threats today are everywhere. Cyber-attacks make headlines, but one place that isn’t getting as much attention as it should is the dark web. Unfortunately, when it comes to the dark web, ignorance isn’t bliss. Many businesses underestimate how much the dark web can hurt them. Because it offers anonymity, the dark web allows anyone with the right software to stockpile exploit kits that could destroy your customers’ business and reputation.

“The dark web is the location where so much of this battle happens. This is where a lot of these malware as a service (products) run. They may sell the knowledge of a vulnerability in a product and malicious people buy that. Everyone should be worried about it. Partners certainly are,” says Dan Schiappa, senior vice president and general manager, products, at Sophos.

Partners are worried because your customers are concerned as well.

“Security threats are growing minute-by-minute,” says Brian Hanify, vice president of sales and marketing at AKUITY Technologies. “IT departments have a really hard time keeping up with the latest threats, the latest patches, the latest activity in the marketplace.”

Securing your customers’ business in the future means being prepared today. Sophos has the tools partners need to educate, inform and shield their customers.

“We keep them current with what we know is happening in the industry. We have a bunch of outstanding people in Sophos labs and other malware researchers and data scientists who are bringing us constantly evolving intel about what’s happening in that community, what’s happening on the dark web,” says Schiappa.

“We couldn’t do it without them, to be honest. They’ve stayed ahead of the curve on the threat vector and we feel like they’re the best partner out there to secure us and, more importantly, our customers,” says Hanify.

The dark web is unavoidable, but Sophos can help solution providers learn about attack trends and the best way to defend their customers from these constant threats. Stick around for our next cyber threat report from Sophos, where we explain how to prevent hackers from hijacking your customers’ network.

Used with permission from Sophos and CRN, written by Alexa Rowe and originally published on CRN.com.


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