Moving Forward – Process Innovation

The crisis surrounding COVID-19 has created a great deal of economic stress in today’s business climate. It is unclear how and when business will stabilize and what the new normal will look like. One of the things that have emerged from the crisis is that businesses are taking a creative approach to solving business challenges. Many of these innovations revolve around changes in process to achieve business results.

Some creative and necessary innovations include:

  • Socially distancing the manufacturing floor through scheduling innovation
  • Virtual visits in assisted living and nursing facilities
  • Tele-Health and Virtual Health for doctor’s offices
  • Virtual automobile tours for dealership customers
  • Virtual home repair consultations
  • Online ordering and payment for curbside pick-up of products
  • Virtual sales meetings to interact with customers and prospects

These are just few examples of new processes that have enabled businesses to navigate today’s challenges. If you would like to learn more about how AKUITY Technologies could assist you with process innovation, contact us at [email protected].

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