Moving Forward – Managing IT Costs

On of the largest challenges facing businesses during the COVID-19 crisis is managing their costs. With an unpredictable return to normalcy, and a lack of clarity on the stability of revenue streams, many businesses are looking within their general ledgers to create business savings. This renewed focus on fiscal discipline offers an opportunity to determine what expenses are essential to business operations.

Understanding that IT management and support is a critical function that is crucial to leveraging employee functionality and efficiency, it deserves a review. Some of the questions that you might consider asking:

  • Are you spending the appropriate amount on IT resources to support your employees?
  • Are all of the applications and licenses you own necessary to run your business?
  • Are the ongoing capital costs of operating equipment on site delivering a cost benefit versus cloud computing?
  • Does your current IT infrastructure allow you the necessary amount of flexibility to scale up or down?
  • Can you flex workloads in and out of the office without losing productivity?

These questions and many more are part of the work our CIO’s (Chief Information Officer) and NetAdmin’s (Network Administrators) undertake on a regular basis with our clients. There primary focus is to recommend and implement technology solutions that are right sized for the specific workloads of their clients business. Nothing less, nothing more.

If you would like our assistance in helping your organization manage IT costs, simply contact us at [email protected].



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