Managed I.T. Service

Leveraging technology to move your business forward.

AKUITY Managed IT Service utilizes a layered approach to prevent future problems by making your systems more reliable and more manageable. Designed for organizations of all sizes, our Managed IT Service is your key to first-rate, unlimited IT services.

From manufacturing and construction businesses to medical, educational and financial organizations, AKUITY Managed IT Service is tailored to each of our client partners’ unique needs.

Strategy-Focused Technical Consulting

Is your business getting all the forward-motion it can from your technology? AKUITY takes the time to understand your unique business challenges and goals. Combining this focused attention with technical expertise, we empower you to make the informed technology decisions that help you further your company goals.

Proactive Network Alignment

How do delays and process inefficiencies impact your ability to get work done? Productivity means making the most of your time, which is easier when you can focus on what you do best. With multiple annual appraisals, AKUITY keeps your technology on track, proactively identifying problems before they impact your business.

Reactive Support Services

When you reach out for help, is the help you get the help you really need? In addition to 24/7 assistance from a live engineer, AKUITY Support has earned a customer satisfaction score of over 97%. Our customers appreciate our above-and-beyond approach, the plain-English communication, and the levels of escalation leveraged for larger-scale issues.

Centralized Technology Management

Who watches over your tech environment to make sure you have the secure systems and repeatable processes to maximize your workflow potential? AKUITY processes and ongoing assessments monitor your environment to ensure security and streamline your technology, producing an optimal workflow for your employees.


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