Inspiration In a Pandemic

Leave it to the kids!

As a matter of course, everyone at AKUITY Technologies is working hard to keep the lines of communication open with our customers. We check in on each and every customer on a weekly basis to ensure that they have everything that they need to manage through the COVID-19 crisis. These conversations revolve mostly around technology and or the current state of their business or organization. Times are challenging! Every once in a while we run into a story that catches our attention and deserves notice.

This is the story of Grove Manor. An assisted living facility outside of Boston and an AKUITY customer. As the management at Grove Manor works to staff the facility, providing the best possible care for their residents, the struggles to overcome the challenges of COVID-19  have been difficult. One shining light, in an otherwise negative stream of  news, has been a small group of high school and college students that have played a pivotal role in providing assistance.  This group shows up to work everyday, when many of their friends are home, and delivers services to the residents. The kids take the staff’s temperature at the entrance, to ensure that they do not have symptoms and serve meals in the residents rooms to ensure social distancing and safety.

We are proud to have Grove Manor as a customer and extremely proud of the work of the entire staff, especially these incredible kids, keeping the “greatest generation” safe.

Our Trusted Partners

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