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How to survive your next technology transition

As we enter 2020, your technology has changed. Most of our clients have upgraded operating systems, moved to the cloud or have undertaken major business initiatives that required new technology. I would assume that your organization has done the same. Was your technology transition seamless?
Our Approach
Information technology (IT) is the central nervous system of your organization, and with rapidly changing technologies, funding challenges, and conflicting priorities, it’s essential for you to have an effective plan or road-map to follow. It not only saves in execution time, but an effective IT strategic plan can result in a lower overall IT costs, increased employee efficiency and a significantly higher return on your investment.
Our clients utilize our dedicated Chief Information Officers (CIO’s) and Network Administrators (NetAdmin’s) to undertake the process of creating a plan. This helps ensure objectivity and dedicates resources that can efficiently create a plan.
Working with AKUITY Technologies to develop your plan would include:
  • Discovery: Our NetAdmin’s reviewing your technology to ensure that it is in alignment with “best practices”
  • Strategy: Our CIO’s working with your business leaders to interpret findings and align them with the businesses goals and objectives
  • Implementation: Our Engineers and Project Managers scheduling implementation to meet the requirements of the business and ensure for a smooth operating transition.
Do you have a strategic IT plan for 2020 that is aligned with your company’s goals and objectives? If not, let’s talk and see how our team could help your organization


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