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AKUITY Technologies COVID-19 Procedures

AKUITY Technologies has remained open and operating to support our clients throughout this crisis.  As we begin to see restrictions being gradually lifted across the state and country, we want to share with you the precautions that our team is taking to continue to service all of our clients.  While we perform the majority of our work remotely, there remain many tasks that must be performed in person and onsite. We believe it is critical that we continue to be able to deliver these services as needed both safely and productively.

As restrictions ease we realize that each of our clients are going to be in different situations and have different requirements.
To ensure that we are compliant with our clients’ requirements and procedures, we are asking you to please send a statement regarding your screening and safety measures including any requirements you have that might apply to AKUITY team members visiting your locations to [email protected].
Should your procedures change we ask that you also send any updates to this address.

  • When dispatching onsite, we will refer to any guidelines sent to us above.
  • Team members traveling onsite will be wearing masks and gloves to minimize transmission.
  • All team members have been provided with washable masks.
  • All client meetings not explicitly requiring physical presence will continue to be held via Zoom.
  • All internal meetings will continue to be held via Zoom for the immediate future.
  • Our office will continue to operate as a hub for our essential operations to ensure uninterrupted service delivery.
    • Sanitizing stations have been established at multiple points around our building.
    • AKUITY is open for scheduled pickup and drop off of repairs:  all equipment is wiped down at drop off and before pickup.
    • Team members operating in the office will maintain physical distancing guidelines.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and cooperation!  We are here to support you and all our clients through your transition forward.

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