Moving Forward – Augmenting Your Staff

Many companies have made difficult decisions around staffing. As customer demand fluctuates, it has necessitated both temporary and permanent staffing reductions. Recovering from these reductions […]

Moving Forward – Planning For The Future

Most organizations didn’t have a plan to operate in the COVID-19 environment. Most have adapted and are making due during this difficult time. It is […]

Moving Forward – Ensuring Security Everywhere

Employees working from home, some potentially using their personal computers coupled with allowing access from home networks and random wireless connections creates new security challenges. […]

Moving Forward – Collaboration

Everyone from company presidents to first graders are collaborating in an entirely different way today.  In person classes, company meetings and client interactions are all […]

Moving Forward – Process Innovation

The crisis surrounding COVID-19 has created a great deal of economic stress in today’s business climate. It is unclear how and when business will stabilize […]

Moving Forward – Leveraging Mobility

During this period of uncertainty, it has become clear that putting critical business information in the hands of the appropriate employees, at the right time, […]

Moving Forward – Scaling Business Operations

One of biggest challenges facing business in this new operating environment is building processes that scale. The uncertainty of economic conditions couple with the speed […]

Moving Forward – Managing IT Costs

On of the largest challenges facing businesses during the COVID-19 crisis is managing their costs. With an unpredictable return to normalcy, and a lack of […]

Inspiration In a Pandemic

As a matter of course, everyone at AKUITY Technologies is working hard to keep the lines of communication open with our customers. We check in […]

Performance Under Pressure

These are unprecedented times. As small businesses, we’re on the front lines of the war against COVID-19 because we’re managing the changes, and the impact, […]

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